About Care Cozy


Our Beginning

“There has to be a better way.” This is a thought echoed by many creatives, and I am  no different.

Hi, I’m Alanda Boyd. Bath time and a 7 month old baby boy were the spark of this line of thinking for me. When my son was a baby, I struggled with removing him from the bathtub to a towel quickly, without making a mess. In an effort to solve my problem, I began to take the corners of his towel and tuck them into my tank top. This allowed me to place him directly on my chest and dry him off in an instant, with minimal mess.

My husband, Ray, and I searched online and at retail stores to see if there was a towel on the market that provided parents with a sense of security during bath time, while also making the task of drying a baby easier. To our surprise, there were no quality products available at that time. We figured if we had a need for this product, surely other parents had a need as well. Ray created a unique design and after many crude attempts, we found a manufacturer who was able to take our model and mass produce it.

The Original Bath Bib Company was established on August 23, 2007.


Where Are We Now?

Almost ten years later, the vision for our product, company and name, has evolved.

Care Cozy is a multi-use product that provides care and comfort for all who use it. Our product is manufactured using a simple, but creative patented design. The material used to produce Care Cozy is lightweight and durable, making it versatile and easy to maintain. One size fits all and it provides maximum coverage to protect clothing. Four great colors are available. Embroidery is available to add that personal touch!

Families can use it during bath time, craft time, or even meal time. It can also be used by healthcare professionals to protect themselves and/or patients from spills, splatters, or other mishaps. We are committed to providing quality products that exceed our customers’ greatest expectations. Our goal is to deliver a product that “lends an extra hand” when you need it.

Interested in purchasing Care Cozy? Contact us here and reduce clean up time while protecting your clothes.